How it works

A step by step guide to how VirtualCricket™ and all the online processes work.

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Use a video camera, Smart phone or tablet to film the athlete batting or bowling, please zoom in as much as possible but without losing any of the athletes body, we need to have the entire profile showcased for effective analysis

Footage should not be longer than 20 seconds, rather re-record if you are not happy with your specific shot.

Use a portrait setup where possible, this provides the best filming frame for an entire body.

Note that there is a 50mb upload restriction


You then visit and click on purchase; we need all your details to design your private account for all the analysis to take place and in this way we are able to communicate more effectively. The purchase process as well as registration process are integrated.


You will first need to choose your desired batting or bowling package. Pay using the various options provided. Once this transaction has taken place and is confirmed. The play profile building process will commence, please note that you will receive your profile login details within 24 hours. Your profile login details will enable you to gain access to the PlayerZone where you will upload your footage as well as download your personal analysis.


Once the analysis is complete, you will be notified via email that all relevant documentation has been uploaded to your private account. Your documentation will be available on our servers for 30 days.


Once you have an account with us, you do not need to re-register. You simply log in and upload, and again once payment has been made and verified then we start the analysis process again.

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