Why Online Video Analysis

In the world that we live in, technology is evolving all the time and providing more and more platforms to enhance and greatly improve your likelihood of success. Everything is functioned to make aspects of our lives more effective and more efficient. In other words life is changing around us; and if we don’t embrace that change we will undoubtedly fall behind.

Video Analysis is a great example of this;

Firstly you can do it anywhere in the world with exception to Antarctica because there is no internet there, well maybe there is but cricket is a little difficult to play properly. Video Analysis makes coaching so much more convenient and assists parents, teachers or guardians with the tools to increase the knowledge base for their child’s cricket development.

Secondly online analysis can take place at any time of day, in the busy lives we lead these days we struggle to find time and attention for this sort of thing to take place, but because of the nature of this product; there is no time bankruptcy.

Thirdly because of our specialised software, we can spend far more time looking at the details of each aspect of the game that means we are far more focused and intentional on each athlete that we analyse. Using frame by frame technology as well as slow motion we increase the accuracy of coaching, it becomes faster and easier to identify the problem to fix.


The best players in the world within various sports use this type of system; they embrace change and the implementation of such services to give them a greater advantage of their opponents.


We also find that the data received from the footage makes selecting players and marketing them to substantial teams easier, using Video Analysis is the best way to build your player profile. This invites and enables coaching and club managers to look at you objectively.


Ultimately, technology is a reality; a reality which up and coming sports athletes can utilise to give themselves the edge.

Official Launch

VirtualCricket™ launching in South Africa and supplying the global cricketing industry with an innovative approach to online cricket video analysis.