About Us

VirtualCricket™ is an online professional cricket video analysis platform for athletes that are pushing for higher honours in their cricketing career.


We invest time and passion into giving athletes opportunities to further develop their cricketing skills as well as providing opportunities that will give athletes greater exposure, thus paving the way onto the big stage


VirtualCricket™ doesn’t replace the role of a coach; but rather enhances improvement using latest technology and identifying technical elements which need attention, this done quickly and efficiently.


Why VirtualCricket™

Every great player in the world uses professional video analysis to work on their game, VirtualCricket™ gives you opportunity to further enhance your skills.


What is VirtualCricket™

VirtualCricket™ is a unique innovative online cricket video analysis platform that utilises professional systems to analyse, identify the fundamental and technical aspects of a player’s game.


How to use VirtualCricket™

Simply film yourself with your mobile phone, Ipad or video camera playing a cricket shot or bowling a ball and upload to the site; we then analyse and package your footage, it is then sent back to you with drills, nutritional plans, analysis reports and more all included and ready to download through your personal portal.


What else with VirtualCricket™

VirtualCricket™ brands you as a cricketer, this giving you the edge in furthering your cricket career whether through sports agencies or cricket clubs. Your new online profile will compliment your stats and figures.

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